I love being a Winner!!

So the beautiful and may I add VERY talented Liz Marie held a giveaway a few weeks back to celebrate reaching 2,000 followers!  And guess what?!?

I WON...WoooHooo!!!

What did I win you ask?  Oh nothing much really, except something absolutely amazing and  beautiful from the talented and super nice Kourtney at Sunshine Blossoms.  

I received a credit to get something from her store of custom made hand stamped jewelry.  I decided to have her make something specifically for me.  Let me tell you how sweet and efficient she was.  She made sure down to the detail it was exactly how I wanted it.  Oh and did I mention how quick she was?!?!  I just love all of her pieces and she truly was a delight to work with.  If you are in need of some jewelry or have something in mind you want made for you, I highly recommend checking out her store.  

Being I won this beautiful little gift through the wonderful world of blogging I decided how appropriate to have a necklace made that symbolized that.  So let me present to you my beautiful little necklace Kourtney made specifically for me....

Um can we say PERFECT and so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks again Kourtney and Liz



  1. aww congrats!! I love that it says your blog name :)


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