It's not the end, it's just a new chapter

I know it's been forever since I have written anything but I do have a lot of you lovely ladies follow me on Instagram and Facebook and probably wondering what's going on.  Unfortunately true love did not conquer all, or maybe it just wasn't true love anyway, but the hubby and I are no longer together and will be getting yet another divorce.

In respect to him and our privacy I won't go into details on here, thankfully the little man and I are "home" where we are surrounded by lots of supportive friends and family.  It will be a bumpy road ahead and sadly more for my little man than myself.  But he is one tough and amazing little boy.

So with that said my life has taken a major u-turn and this blog is no longer relevant. I haven't decided if I will just delete it or change it into something else.  Maybe "Darlene Conquers All"...hmm that has a nice ring to it.  I will not be stopped, I am more determined than ever to not let this knock me down but instead take it as an opportunity to do bigger and better things for myself and my little man.

Thank you so much to all of you who have already reached out to me during this difficult time.



Colorado or Bust

That time we took an amazing trip back home to Colorado but I never got around to blogging about it.

Way way way back in September we made plans so that we could attend my brother-in-law's wedding and well lets face it we were already missing everyone back home (not to mention all the niceties of the states) so we made the long flight home and enjoyed a nice and quick two weeks home.  

We spent a week at the hubby's parents new home in the foothills then a week at my parents new home back in the city.  They were living in the country but decided to try out being city folk for a bit.  So it was a bit interesting going home to two different homes we had never been to before.

We got in a lot of family time, enjoyed LOTS of good food that we can not get here on this little island.  Enjoyed the nice cool NON HUMIDITY weather and attended a beautiful wedding.  

I will just let the pictures speak for me!

We all had the most amazing time and we were so very happy that we could be there to celebrate such a beautiful couple and their beautiful wedding.  It sure made it very difficult to head back to this itty bitty island HOWEVER we may or may not just be planning another trip home...stay tuned!!



Be Grateful

I promise I will be back soon on a more consistent basis but right now I feel as if my brain and my emotions are going a thousand miles a minute.  

There just seems to be so much going on in my little corner of the world, however I feel a bit selfish and wrong for even having these thoughts and feelings after the recent events that took place in the world.  

That just proves there is always something so much bigger out there.  That our so called "problems" may not be as big as we feel they are.  

At this point I am just grateful to have a healthy and happy family and sometimes THAT is just simply enough!!

My thoughts/wisdom for the day:

Sometimes its very difficult to understand why certain things happen to certain people but we must believe there is a reason and just maybe the plan we want for ourselves is not the plan we are destined for.



Since I have been gone..

So I have kept up with a few blogs since I have been away but I am trying to catch up on all the blogs I used to read and there seems to be a common theme........

Everyone is pregnant!!!!! 

Congratulations to all you lovely ladies!!!  Is there something in the water??? If so can you you send me a glass!!!